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About Us

About Us

ExtremeBeam provides application-specific hand held lighting solutions—"The Right Light at the Right Time"— to a variety of markets for high-demand uses in areas such as hunting, game management, fishing, marine, camping, hiking and scuba. ExtremeBeam also provides solutions to markets where the ability to see is critical in low-light situations, including industrial, safety, military and law enforcement and oil and gas.


Founded in 2009 - The ExtremeBeam team believes "The Right Light at the Right Time" enables people to do their jobs better, and experience the outdoors more than ever before.

Our vision is to combine technology and engineering in order to provide hand held lighting solutions that solve problems and provide the additional security and safety required in dark and low light situations.


The ExtremeBeam mission is to produce hand held lighting solutions that integrates cutting-edge illumination materials, circuitry and power efficiency, thereby providing users with uncompromised reliability and durability to their lighting needs.

We focus on quality engineering to ensure that durability of each flashlight will not falter at the most pivotal and critical moments.

We will continually engineer more efficient, more powerful and better lighting solutions, and continue to provide our customers the best possible hand held light solutions to their lighting needs.