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New Alpha-TAC Backpacks

The Blaze Price: $25.45
Normal Price: $29.95
Known as one of the world's brightest focusable headlights, the OSR-800 puts out a strikingly bright beam that can reach over 165 meters (550 feet). The OSR-800 can be used on high for spotting at a distance or dimmed for hiking. The beam can be spread wide in order to read a map or see the trail ahead, or be instantly focused to see faraway objects and the bottom of deep canyons and ravines.

The Blaze Price: $67.95
Normal Price: $79.95
The SX21 Series is one of ExtremeBeam’s toughest waterproof line of lights. Its high- density aircraft aluminum construction gives the SX21 Series the ability to withstand extreme forces, jarring impacts and massive rifle recoil.
The ExtremeBeam SX21-HO delivers long range focusable performance with the ability to utilize a variety of battery options, while the SX21R Ballistic, with its extra thick walls, was designed for the most hard-hitting and demanding environments.

The Blaze Price: $127.45
Normal Price:$149.95
When a massive amount of powerful penetrating light is what you need, the M1000 Fusion is by far the overwhelming leader in the industry. Packed in an incredibly rugged and virtually indestructible double-sealed, waterproof, 5.5 mm aircraft aluminum housing, and loaded with dual .50 cal BMG rated Anti-Recoil® pins, this incredible behemoth of a light can throw a beam to nearly a mile with an operating range of 1,500 feet and counting!

To get the exclusive Blaze discount
use the code "BLAZEONLINE15" at checkout for 15% off