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Light. /līt/ Defined as a natural agent that allows sight to make objects and persons visible.

Light is often the answer. Think about it, why is it that when you get a great idea, it’s called a “light bulb being switched on”? It’s because as humans, we depend entirely on light. One of the greatest inventions of our day was the fire. Why? Because it allowed humans to extend natural daylight.

At ExtremeBeam, we are committed to providing only the highest quality of flashlights on the market. Whether you are an avid hunter, or simply want the best type of tactical flashlights for sale, we can help.

Take a look at our extensive selection to find a flashlight that will suit your needs.

We offer:

  • Full size flashlights
  • Pocket flashlights
  • Headlamps
  • And even bundles to save you money

Everyday Carry
For those that simply want the best when it comes to flashlights, Extremebeam is proud to offer a wide variety of flashlights that will complement your lifestyle.

For the avid fisher or hunter, it is imperative to have a quality flashlight that will always be ready. Everyone of Extremebeam’s flashlights have been created with the highest quality materials to ensure that you are always covered.

When you are far away from civilization and do not have ready light, it is crucial that your flashlight delivers. All of our flashlights are created with you in mind—with our HikeBack technology, you will rest easy that your flashlight has you covered.

When you are in a pinch, or need light fast, trust Extremebeam flashlights to deliver. All of our flashlights are created with exclusive technology to give you a bright beam when you need it.

For those that need heavy duty flashlights, trust the technology from ExtremeBeam,

If you have any questions about the tactical flashlights that we offer, please contact us today.